4 Tips On Choosing The Right Master's Degree

4 Tips On Choosing The Right Master’s Degree

Looking to enhance your career prospects, to enter a particular profession or accelerate progression in your career? Regardless of your career stage, there are a wealth of benefits that come with taking on a master’s degree. But before you put everything on hold and prepare to head back to school, you’ll have to first confront an even tougher choice – selecting the programme that is most suited for your needs. Avance Academy is a leading provider of MBA courses in Singapore, and we’ve put together these tips to help make choosing the right master’s degree for your career advancement a seamless process.

Ask yourself why

A master’s degree requires a significant commitment of your time and finances, which is why the first thing to consider are the reasons for pursuing one. Is it for career progression? Or purely to enhance your professional skill sets? Whatever the reason, being clear on the ‘why’ can help you with narrowing down your options. Doing so also provides awareness of what you want and hope to achieve from signing up for an MBA course. This way, you will be able to select the right master’s degree that enables you to meet your goals, on top of keeping you inspired throughout your academic journey.

Consider the length of your program

Another important factor to consider is the duration of the master’s program. If you intend on taking up a part time master’s degree while holding a full-time job, will you be able to commit your time and energy for the entire duration? Think ahead when it comes to your work schedule and lifestyle demands. This applies not just to your lifestyle right now, but over the next few years. For instance, if starting a family or moving to a different city is part of your five-year plan, consider if the master’s degree could potentially affect those personal goals, and look into programs with more flexible options available.

Do your research

Do your research master degree in Singapore

Conduct research into the potential programs you might be interested in and collect data on various aspects of the degree. It’d also be useful to check if the institution has a strong reputation in the field you’re considering, and read up on any student reviews you come across.

Speak to various providers to get insights of the career opportunities and salary trends. Avance Academy offers 30 minute education consultations for those interested to acquire information first-hand. Keep an eye out for course previews, open house events or sharing sessions. This will give you the opportunity to swing by the campus, speak to students and course lecturers, and acquire information first-hand for yourself. 

Consider the learning arrangement 

Consider the learning arrangement master degree in Singapore

Having trouble deciding between an on-campus or an online master’s degree? At some institutions, you don’t have to choose. Many MBA courses now incorporate online learning into their on-campus programs. Assess your current needs based on personal and professional demands in your life, and take note of how lessons are conducted when doing your research.

Choosing the right master’s degree can feel like a daunting task, but we hope these tips will provide a greater sense of clarity on the journey towards your career advancement. 

Still unsure of where to start? Avance Academy has a wide range of Master Degree programmes from trusted and reputable partners like Amity Global Institute, Kaplan Open Learning and Upgrad. Get in touch and speak with our educational experts to find out more!

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