CERT Courses – Respond to Fire Incident in Workplace

CERT Courses – Respond to Fire Incident in Workplace

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Course Provider: TECS Fire and safety

Mode of Training: Physical Class
Course Reference:


On completion of this unit, the learner will have the knowledge and be equipped with the application skills and knowledge required to effectively respond to fire incidents.

This includes:

  • Introduce or reinforce the relevant legislations surrounding the formations and activation of CERT.
  • Familiarize participants with the various possible fire hazards and the usage of fire protection systems in buildings.
  • Instruct participants on correct methods to conduct initial fire-fighting using various extinguishing mediums.

Course Outline
  • The competency unit would be appropriate for those with operational responsibilities.
    • Interpret emergency response legislation and guidelines
    • Identify fire hazard scenarios and conduct situation assessment
    • Demonstrate usage of fire protection systems in the workplace
    • Respond to fire incidents using various extinguishing mediums
    • Handover incident and provide operational assistance to the appropriate body
Course Mode of Training
Course Duration & Fee

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