Online MBA Programme in Singapore

Online MBA Programme in Singapore

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Transform your career with an MBA from Deakin Business School, ranked amongst the top 1% of global B-Schools. Become a business leader of tomorrow and advance your career with an MBA Degree from Australia’s top B-School.

Through an online MBA in Singapore, you can increase your level of immersion in the graduate school experience and tailor your classes to a more seasoned set of students. Due to their demanding, full-day commitments, full-time MBA students find it challenging to hold down a job outside of the school. Our online MBA programme aims to assist individuals in keeping their employment while acquiring the skills necessary to further their professions. Although this may result in less interaction in school, students in an online MBA programme maintain their full-time employment and generally attend classes on Fridays and weekends. If students choose to attend the classes in person, they can also enrol in our standard MBA programme.

Excel in the field of business management and administration with the help of our seasoned mentors here at Avance Academy. Whatever your circumstances in life and work is, we have an MBA programme that can suit your needs. Talk to us today for more details about our traditional and online MBA programmes in Singapore so you can decide which programme you will take.

MBA programmes impart knowledge of both basic and sophisticated business techniques. It  often contains courses in business strategies, corporate communication, operations management, and more in addition to a solid foundation in accounting and finance.

Our online MBA programme is the best place to start if you want to take your career to a new height but do not wish to compromise your current job. Here’s what you are going to learn from our MBA programmes:

  • Theories and practices about business management and administration as well as how you can apply them to your current business.
  • Business Strategies, setting up key performance indicators and other ways to measure company growth or effectiveness of a business campaign.
  • Considerations for making business decisions and how to arrange these considerations by setting up priorities.
  • Acquiring soft skills that are necessary for effective team and operation management.
Program Overview

Key Highlights

  • Get a MBA (Global) from one of the Top 1% B-Schools Worldwide
  • Learn industry relevant content from faculty and industry leaders
  • Alumni status by Deakin Business School
  • Get 1:1 Mentorship from Industry Leaders
  • Support available all days 24 hours for queries
  • World Education Services (WES) recognized. One step closer to working abroad
  • Learn with students from 50+ countries across the world
  • Live sessions with Global Experts
Curriculum/Programme Structure
Program Fee, Duration & Eligibility

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