Online Executive MBA in Singapore

Online Executive MBA in Singapore

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Step into professional achievement and business mastery with 12 months
Executive MBA from Swiss School of Business Management, Geneva

We often hear about MBA, but what exactly is an Executive MBA in Singapore and how does it differ? As the name implies, Executive MBA is being offered to “company executives” or those who have completed at least 5 years of industry experience. While the typical age bracket of professionals taking Executive MBA is around 35-40, there are exemptions to the rule. Prodigies, valuable employees and those who are climbing the promotional ladder faster than the average may also be qualified candidates for Executive MBA.

The classes for both F2F and online Executive MBA may be slightly different compared to typical MBA programmes. In Executive MBA programmes, students are often placed in a block class, meaning that they will be sharing the class for almost all the subjects. This is highly effective in peer learning and networking. Moreover, an online Executive MBA is being offered for those who need to work while studying. This will make attending business trips, continuing your job and maintaining your life-work balance, possible. Here are some of the perks of taking executive MBA:

  • Streamlined and focused curriculum
  • Possibility for networking
  • Collective growth through peer learning
  • Short course, will only take a year to complete
  • Fast-faced classes

Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements for Executive MBA Singapore

Executive MBA is a graduate programme with a business concentration that is designed in particular for working individuals with relevant work experience. One of the most exclusive educational programmes in Singapore, Executive MBA is frequently paid for by companies to fund the key employees for their companies’ future leadership.

Versatility, a shorter study period, and a greater emphasis on applied learning are all included in an executive MBA course. Professionals  who want to study for Executive MBA degree must meet the following requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree on business
  • English Proficiency Result
  • Industry Experience
  • Singapore Student Pass (for foreign students only)

Executive MBA can be taken in a traditional way where students will be expected to attend classes inside the campus or through online Executive MBA programmes. For traditional schemes, the schedule is mostly Fridays and weekends to accommodate the students’ work schedule. For online Executive MBA, the students will take the lessons synchronous and asynchronous.

Program Overview

Key Highlights

  • World Renown Faculty
  • Earn a Executive MBA from an EduQua accredited program supported by the Swiss Confederate Government
  • 1 Year Duration, carefully and meticulously planned for an immersive learning
  • Multiple Career Paths
  • Outstanding Alumni Network
  • Get premium support from industry-connected faculty and supervisors each committed to your success
  • World renowned faculty with 15+ years of experience in their domain
Curriculum/Programme Structure
Program Fee, Duration & Eligibility

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