Make Basic Breads

Make Basic Breads

Fresh red bell pepper on a wooden plank against the background of a kitchen interior.

Course Provider: baking industry training college

Mode of Training: Physical Class
Course Reference: TGS-2019503263


Open Top Sandwich Loaf
Closed Top Sandwich Loaf
Assortment Boule
Sweet Bun

Course Outline
  • Function of Wheat Flour & Process of Flour Milling
  • Introduction to Baker’s calculation and Local factor formulation
  • Introduction to the tools & equipment used
  • Introductions to French Bread & Dinner Rolls
  • Prepare Sandwich & Open Top Bread, Rolls (soft/hard), Baguette and cob
  • Bakers ingredients calculation
  • Function of ingredients
  • Introduction to processes
    • Prepare for bread making
    • Prepare dough
    • Shape dough for desired products
    • Proof and bake bread
Course Mode of Training
Course Duration & Fee

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