Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

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The overall aim of this MBA course is to develop reflective, entrepreneurial, innovative and responsible leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to lead their organisations in a complex global environment.

Programme Overview

The MBA has been designed to be flexible in relation to its delivery in order to cater for a diverse range of students.  Experiential learning will take place through workshops, seminars, live strategic challenges, action learning sets, all supported with learning technologies that support learning inside and outside of the classroom.

Students will develop their personal, professional, critical thinking and reflective skills in order to prepare them to manage, lead and transform organisations and make a positive difference to their performance and society more generally.

The MBA focuses on three broad key themes:

  1. Entrepreneurial thinking and action.
  2. Development of individual students’ leadership skills and professional practice.
  3. The important role of business in society.

The Teesside University’s MBA team is cognisant of the challenges that leaders face in today’s rapidly changing business landscape and have therefore developed an MBA that goes beyond functional knowledge and, instead, places emphasis on putting knowledge into action.  

Unlike some other MBAs, this course does not adopt a silo approach to the delivery of the curriculum. Instead, each module is interdisciplinary in nature, demonstrating the importance of functional collaboration and allowing students to have a much more holistic understanding of the mechanics of the modern-day organisation. TU recognises the importance of developing one’s personal agility to ensure personal and organisational success, and to this end, the course seeks to instill and develop these skills in the students through a variety of innovative and creative means.

The course will enable students to:

  • Think and act entrepreneurially to lead through uncertain and rapidly changing conditions in the global business environment.
  • Be responsible leaders who are able to work with a diverse range of teams, in a variety of cultural contexts.
  • Be international in their outlook and understand the challenges and opportunities the global business environment presents businesses.
  • Possess a deep understanding of the functions of business and appreciate the importance of functional collaboration to achieve organisational goals.
  • Be self-reflective practitioners with awareness of their self-identity and values.
  • Understand the importance of the role of business in society.

 The holistic authentic learning experience allows students to apply knowledge to live strategic issues and be aware of the positive role business can play in society.  Other distinctive aspects of the course include:

  • The emphasis on entrepreneurial leadership to prompt entrepreneurial action to drive positive change.
  • The balance of research and practitioner experience of the teaching team.
  • The international learning experience that allows students to experience different cultural contexts.

The innovative and flexible delivery methods that appeal to a wide range of students.

Awarding authority   Teesside University, UK
Academic Year/Time Schedule/Programme Duration   Duration of course is 1 year
Mode   Full Time / Part Time
Teaching Amenities, Facilities etc   Lecture rooms, Library, Computer lab, Student lounge
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