Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics

Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics

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Global supply chains are getting tight due to the impact of economic uncertainty. This course will explain what it means and how to apply new technologies at strategic and operational levels of supply chain to transform business models and automate business processes during this uncertain time.

Programme Delivery

The programme is delivered via lectures, seminars, workshops, business games and simulations and directed independent study. This will be supported through

  • The creation of a learning environment which fosters debate and constructive argument;
  • Modules which encourage students to critically assess theory and leading edge practice with a view to creating new concepts and practices for the future;
  • Practical projects which foster originality of thought and enterprise;
  • Exercises which develop critical analysis of financial statements.

Students will be presented with increasingly complex business scenarios (case studies) and will be encouraged to gain a deeper and wider perspective of the business problem, while at the same time maintaining the strategic view which is the key concern of the postgraduate student.

Programme Overview
Eligibility & Fees

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