Understanding Viticulture, Vinification and Wine Packaging

Understanding Viticulture, Vinification and Wine Packaging

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Mode of Training: Physical Class
Course Reference: TGS-2020513059


Upon completion of the course, the candidates will be able to:

  • Evaluate the quality of wines based on viticulture and vinification processes.
  • Store wines and assess the effects of storage containers.
  • Review information for wine labelling errors.
  • Differentiate wines based on age, viticulture and vinification processes.
  • Explain how to keep up to date on industry trends in the food and beverage sector.
  • Analyse wine using the 6S wine tasting method.
  • Explain the tasting, assessing and maintaining the quality of wine, viticulture and vinification processes of wine, in accordance with organisational procedures and recipes, food and Workplace Safety and Health requirements.
  • Identify areas of improvement in processes in wine recommendation.
Course Outline
  • Review factors affecting wine style, flavour, quality and price.
  • Map major grape varietals and their characteristics.
  • Apply techniques to taste, examine and evaluate wine.
  • Provide wine recommendation.
Course Mode of Training
Course Duration & Fee

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